you’re on fire!

Taking all the free samples in the super market.
Testing out the free online trials.

what else do you want accomplished?

Is it to be at complete zen in your mind?

– do you want to forget?

Have you been coping well with the destructive ways you’re putting yourself through?

Are you going to save some for the rest of us? Have you gone completely numb?

Thats ok. For someone who is as strong, and dominating as yourself. You refuse to be alone. its hard on your mental, I get it.


Mixed feelings

You took the stage
But didn’t read the script

Let me believe I am.
Your Nobel peace prize.

Kept in the cabinet collecting dust
My shine may dull

Your fear smells sweet
My teeth soon to be rotten

Energy wasted in making this seem perfect
Sorry my dear, nothing is.

Let’s endulge

I deserve this
Paint me new

Let me see the ugly.
Let me feel your worst.

Glow with the flow

how you glow, with shades of pinks and blues. the way your skin gives off the sweet and sour hues of red – the radiance you did not intend to give.

your body a canvas, my touch the paint that colors you in
you’re magnificent in the way you smile, in the way you say *(long pause)* just one more kiss.

your touch feels like sandpaper, smoothing out the flaws of my imperfect being.
your smell, sandalwood and a subtle musk from the day of convincing others that your are not a threat.

how ordinarily the brown in your eyes stares back at me. your lips poised. I’ve knocked at the door of your soul, just to find it had been marked by another artist.

your shine, your beautiful glow – as imperfect as it is.
left for others to marvel at. you’ve sent me to find an open field, a blank canvas. my easel set and brush drenched.

poker anyone?

Spades? Clubs? maybe precious diamonds? No, she doesn’t want any of that. The heart. Thats what she’s been longing for this whole time. After many silent screams and dry tears, she finally got what she cried out for. She wasn’t selfish. She didn’t want to see pain. She knew that in order to feel whole again she needed what was missing. To take back what was once given is never easy.

Cuts and bruises heal, and so shall this heart. To let an outsider cradle this fragile deck with unsteady hands was undeniably risky. She learned. She no longer needs someone to hold. The cold memories will remind her. She is strong, and holds so much power. Do not fold.

She will never be without a heart again. She will hold down with fists and swords. No intruder will ever again take away this precious piece.

an empty jungle

is this it? the end of existence. the river dried up, the berries all rotten. animals emaciated and dying off. is this what you intended? you, the king of the jungle surely knew what was to happen if you continued on with this brutality.

it’s all come to an end, and all that is left is an empty jungle. no more fight. no more animosity.
no longer will my body, mind and soul be available at your leisure to feast on. gathering the remains of this inevitable wreckage and migrating to a land more suitable for survival. build a new herd and protect what i have salvaged.
the jungle is no place to survive.

on to greener pastures, with fresh water, shelter and a hostile-free land. we will come together to build a wall that will forever protect our species. united as one, we shall adapt and overcome to any and all that comes our way.

Gone in the wind.

Are you there? Do you feel what I feel?
You’re presence maybe true, but your mind is somewhere else. You’re emotionless half the time. Do you see me anymore? This isn’t you. I don’t see you even when you’re right in front of me. I’ve gone blind to the old you, and repulsed by the new you. How do you feel anymore? You’re so consumed with this notion of money, and how powerful it can be. I’ve lost you. Sure money is great, but love…that’s important. Emotions. Express something, you cold piece of shit. The only thing I get from you nowadays is anger and hate. The tension is too thick too swallow.


Is it easy for you? So easily it rolls off your tongue, sending it into the world with no regard.

Just like a firework, you explode. Not knowing what shrapnel will hit my soul. I take it, over and over again hoping somehow it’ll make me stronger. Now all broken and bruised, Hurt and ashamed of myself. I look into a mirror and see a shattered image reflecting back at me. No stronger than I was before, but prepared to take on the next fight.

You’re defense mechanism is quite skewed if you think malicious words, and aggravated gestures will solve anything. Your scare tactics are outdated, time to take this head on with a new approach.

Do you see The pain in our eyes, the ache in our hearts? Is it easier to look down…or harder to pick your head up? Can you turn around and look at yourself and be happy in the end?

To those in search of a new strength. Don’t give up.